Sabtu, Ogos 13, 2011

Hard To Fall

someone ask me about mine,
i answer to a lot of someone that 
i dont have a someone that can call as a mine 
because i really dont have that, 
how should i pretend to have someone 
if in the real life i never meet a someone that make me to fall
dont ask me why its very hard to fall
because i will answer them with "i dont know"
in the really real, 
its gonna be lame for someone who doesn't
have someone
to show off that "she's mine"
but for me
hard to fall is better
because this is me
.....feel very free.....

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jika bicara cinta Ilahi hanya dirasa oleh mereka yang mahu memikirkanNya,
maka selayaknya bicara cinta kita hanya bersandarkan padaNya