Isnin, Disember 03, 2012

Gamble Your Fears

Assalamualaikum wbt, 

Do you ever watch Fear Factor? What is coming into your mind when you must drink the monkey-brain-with-belacan-cencalok-and-budu ice blended, and at the same time you must cross over the KLCC building on the top of the sky bridge from the tower one to tower two without any safety equipment plus with the crazy wind up there and after that you feel dizzy and you cannot control your body move, then you don’t realize you already jump from the sky bridge and what else? Dead!! Ha-ha... I’m just exaggerated. No No No that is not will be like that, but it is must be MORE than that. Are you dreaded? Okay then, don’t try this at home. 

Okay for who doesn't know, this December Astro will come out with the Fear Factor Malaysia who is fully recorded in Africa. Why Africa? Owh maybe all the celebrity will have a challenge to have a cup of tea with the cutest lion and fatty hippo or Jehan Miskin's macho looked will be tested on this reality TV show. emm, just watch it, and for Didie Alias, I guess your group will be the winner because you are the so-called Lady Gaga Malaysia..(tetiber)

But now I will take the challenge, this is because the Fear Factor House Roadshow just around the corner and Nuffnangers which is including me are all invited to join the challenge. So what? Belum cuba belum tahu khennnzzz. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO 

Okay what is my biggest fear in my life? Emm, almost nothing!! I’m just fear with the girls that staring at me, or people who looking at me for any reason. That’s it!! So now, Fear Factor team production please gives this challenge. Just ask all the people to look at me for a particular period and ask me to seduce the hot chicks because that is my biggest fear. Yes I want to stress it, this is the only fear that I have in my life. Believe it or not, just believe! :)

Okay by the way, for the last I will include this tagline in this entry because Nuffnang ask for it. HEHE. 

“Fear Factor House – Is your chance to experience Fear Factor live!”

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  1. salam,

    bila ek start? saluran mana ek? tk sabar nak tgk fear factor malaysia ni... sblm ni minat tgk the amazing race asia...


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